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Introduction to Biological Medicines is a Course

Introduction to Biological Medicines


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Welcome to the online learning material for the Center of Excellence in Biotherapeutics. This online module has been designed in collaboration with Seoul National University and the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation and introduces Biologics.  It will cover what biological medicines are and their history; biological medicines vs. chemical drugs; the difference between biosimilars and generics; characteristics and structure; clinical studies methodology; analytical characterization – tools, strengths, and gaps.

In this online learning experience you will obtain the necessary background to successfully complete Module 2: Comparability throughout the Life Cycle and Module 3: Biosimilarity in on the ground trainings. This module will take the average learning 10 hours to complete and 20 hours for the novice.

Successful learners will earn a Level 1 badge that can be showcased on their digital profile or resume.